Friday 20 October 2017 to Tuesday 24 October 2017
Korea Manhwa Museum, CGV Bucheon, Bucheon City Hall, Megabox Coex

Celebrating UK/Korea 2017–18, this year’s Bucheon International Animation Festival introduces 14 UK works including Ethel & Ernest. The special screening of Academy awards winners will feature three UK works; Father and Daughter, Creature Comforts, and A Close Shave.

The 19th Bucheon International Animation Festival

  • Dates: 20–24 October 2017
  • Venue: Korea Manhwa Museum, CGV Bucheon, Bucheon City Hall, Megabox Coex
  • UK Films: 14 works including Ethel & Ernest
  1. Ethel & Ernest | UK, Luxembourg | 2016 | 95'00" | Roger MAINWOOD
    The true story of Raymond BRIGG’s parents, Ethel and Ernest. They're two ordinary Londoners who fall in love against the background of immense social change in the mid-20th century, experiencing the Depression, World War 2, post-war austerity and cultural upheaval. Forty years of change, one enduring love.
  2. Creature Comforts | UK | 1989 | 5'00" | Nick PARK
    From 1989, Academy Award winning short film directed by Nick PARK and produced by Aardman Animations featuring the voices of the Great British public set to classic stop-frame animation.
  3. A Close Shave | UK | 1995 | 30'00" | Nick PARK
    Business is booming for Wallace and Gromit’s new window-cleaning service and life’s pretty dandy at West Wallaby Street, especially when the new venture introduces Wallace to the fragrant Wendolene, owner of the local wool shop – and a rather ferocious mutt named Preston.
  4. Father and Daughter | UK, Netherlands | 2000 | 8'30" | Michael DUDOK DE WIT
    This bittersweet tale explores the deep bond between father and daughter. Set against the wide Dutch landscape, the father bids farewell to his young girl. Through the seasons, the girl matures to a woman, raising a family of her own. Yet the longing for her father remains with her always. 

Bucheon International Animation Festival

Set in Bucheon, an outskirt of Seoul, Bucheon International Animation Festival has established since 1999. The festival is aimed at exposing the ways that cartoons and animation can help develop creativity across the world by screenings, exhibitions, Animation Fair, Asia Animation Forum and a variety of other special events. BIAF2017, its 19th Edition has been composed by organizing Animation Film Festival with 149 films including International Competition; Feature, Short, Graduation, TV & Commissioned, and Online. 

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