Saturday 01 July 2017 to Thursday 30 November 2017
Storage by Hyundai Card

The United Kingdom has maintained an international reputation for innovation in popular, paralleled by its harnessing of other creative talents to create videos that support and enhance the ways audiences engage with that music.

A History of British Music Video is a partnership with a University of the Arts London / University of Portsmouth research project that aims to tell the untold story of the British music video through a canon of music video titles for conservation within the British Film Institute's National Archive. The project sets out to assess the innovation, industry, influence and impact of the British music video industry from its origins in the 1960s, via MTV, to today’s YouTube and Vimeo uploads. It highlights how social and cultural change, has been reflected – and progressed – through music video, most particularly representation of women, ethnicity and sexuality. Especially through main key words such as 'Animation', 'Visual Effect', and 'Choreography and Narrative', this exhibition will attempt to shed light on not only the social and cultural changes in the UK, but also aesthetic and formal characteristics that are original to British music video.

The exhibition will be organised in partnership between the British Council and Storage by Hyundai Card as a part of the UK/Korea 2017–18, and it will be premiered at Storage by Hyundai Card. 

 A History of British Music Video

  • Date: July – November 2017
  • Venue: Storage by Hyundai Card
  • Hosted by: Hyundai Card 

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Storage by Hyundai Card

Storage by Hyundai Card is an exhibition space where diverse cultures freely coexist, showing a selection of contemporary pieces from a variety of disciplines, spanning art, film, architecture and design. Storage is like houses various experimental visual arts projects in three underground floors. 

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