When children have already achieved confidence in English, they need special classes aimed at developing fluency and maintaining confidence. English for Returnees is a programme for children who have attended English-medium schools or kindergartens in Korea or abroad.

Featuring fun, interactive activities, English for Returnees links to the UK National Curriculum for English learning outcomes for language and literacy. It uses a communicative approach that always encourages your child to express themselves in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Our teachers help younger students develop their ability to read confidently and independently. They focus on words and sentences and how they fit into texts. With older students, teachers work on enhancing their ability to read texts that are more varied and challenging. 

Teaching English. Supporting learning. Testing proficiency. 

We offer kids courses for the following age groups:

  • Pre-School (5–6 years old) 
  • Primary (Grade 1–6) 
  • Secondary (Grade 1–3) 

Choose the right course for your child’s age group