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Monday 22 May 2017 to Friday 26 May 2017

Starting from the UK/Korea 2017–18, we collaborate with Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) to support and strengthen the role of arts and cultural learning in schools in Korea and the UK. 

The first exchange programme will be held in Seoul in May. Delegates from the UK will be visiting Korea for research and round table discussions on creative education to improve the understandings of current context in the UK and Korea and examines new ways to develop creative practices.

UK-Korea Creative Education: Research and Roundtable 

Creative education: policy, practices and impact

This joint project focuses on the policy and initiatives of creative education in the UK and Korea as well as their creative practices; evaluation of the impact of creative education and developing a new education model and teacher/practitioner training.

To enable a long term partnership and on-going research collaboration, policymakers, educationalists and practitioners from both countries will join the research visits scheduled in May and November 2017 respectively. The programme includes visits, in-depth interviews and round table discussions to improve the understandings of the current status of creative education in the UK and Korea, and further develop areas of the joint research and creative practices. During the visit in May, UK delegates will also participate in the opening symposium during 2017 International Arts Education Week (IAEK), Seoul.

In the following year, we aim to develop a creative learning model and put in a pilot. Trainings for the teachers and artists will also take place for widespread implementation of the model. Starting from the UK/Korea 2017–18, British Council, RSA and KACES will continue to collaborate on improving the quality of creative education and practices and contributing to policies in the UK and Korea. Furthermore, we will endeavor to engage more East Asian countries into the discussion, increasing the positive impact of arts and culture education.

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