Liverpool FC

Sunday 01 October 2017 to Wednesday 04 October 2017

For UK/Korea 2017–18, we intend to introduce the English Premier League as an essential part of the British culture through Liverpool FC (LFC) officially sponsored by the Standard Chartered Group, the parent of Standard Chartered Bank Korea. To add diversity and value to cultural exchanges between the two countries, we will offer British football experiences and customer events with LFC legends and the LFC Academy’s coaching staff visiting Korea.

An indoor LFC World will be set up to exhibit the club’s assets for around four days and a photo session with LFC’s trophies and a signing event with the LFC legends will be held. A wide range of programmes are also planned including the Inside Anfield VR experience and the Robot Goalkeeper event. In addition, the LFC Academy’s coaching staff will lead various outdoor futsal matches and soccer clinic sessions.

Football Festival with Liverpool FC (LFC World)

Liverpool FC 

As a prestigious English Premier League football club with history and tradition, Liverpool FC has won the League title 18 times and European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles 5 times. It is particularly known for the ‘Miracle of Istanbul’, its famous 2005 UEFA Champions league final win.

LFC has a special relationship with its fans called the Kop and it is well represented by its anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone". The club has a strong global fan base with around 777 million fans in the UK and across the world. It boasts many legends including Ian Rush and Steven Gerrard.