Art Talk

The British Council and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) linked up to help artists better understand their audiences and audiences better appreciate art. This was a perfect fit, as both organisations share a common interest in audience development.

The result of our collaboration was a conference called 'Art Talk: Between Art and Audiences', in which six speakers from the UK and Korea shared their experiences with art professionals in Korea.


Why does MOCA partner with us?


Engaging new audiences

'Art Talk: Between Art and Audiences' was a remarkable success. Over 700 people attended the conference in person and via the live web stream. The feedback from attendees was extremely positive. The event generated good press coverage, including articles in several major newspapers.


Accessing our global networks

After the main conference, there were opportunities for further discussions at MMCA. Curators from MMCA deepened their understanding of how UK art institutions operate, knowledge essential to making collaborations work. In return, UK speakers learned a great deal about the challenges facing Korean art institutions.

This successful event led to a longer-term partnership. The British Council and MMCA signed a memorandum of understanding confirming their intent to increase collaboration between the two organisations and their respective countries.

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