When SNUE wanted to develop and deliver an Intensive English Teacher Training Programme for primary teachers in Seoul, they turned to British Council for expertise.  Since 2008, we have trained more than 300 teachers through this programme.

Accessing our global networks

We have a strong track record in teacher development globally, as well as in Korea. By partnering with us, SNUE was able to provide better quality training to Korean teachers by linking its training curriculum to the Korean primary English curriculum.


The programme consists of five months in Korea and one month in an English-speaking country. It focuses on improving communicative language skills and proficiency while deepening understanding of methodology, in-line with the Korean primary English curriculum.

What teachers say

“The curriculum is very well organised and the trainers are excellent. Taking this course, I improved the four primary language skills and became more motivated to study English.”

“The trainers showed us that English is not just a tool. They showed and inspired us how to broaden our thoughts, how to organise our lessons and how to challenge our assumptions.”

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