Good Morning Everybody by Eun-Me Ahn and performed by Candoco Dance Company ©

Jinwon Lee

The creative partnership between Samsung Electronics and our organisation was formed to increase accessibility for audience with visual impairments to the dance performance to mark the closing of UK/Korea 2017–18 and 2018 PyeongChang Cultural Olympiad.

We have worked with Samsung Electronics on an inclusive approach to the dance performance based on the understanding that visually impaired people currently have a limited experience in cultural activities. Relumino, a VR(Virtual Reality) application created by Samsung Electronics Creative Lab was employed for the first time for visually impaired audience at a dance premiere produced collaboratively by Eun-Me Ahn, Korean choreographer and Candoco Dance Company. The invited visually impaired audience enjoyed the quality of the show.

PyeongChang Cultural Olympiad and Arts Council Korea, co-funder and partner found this new experiment rewarding to step closer to the inclusive audience experience.

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