Martin Fryer, Director Korea, British Council, and Kim Sang-Hun, CEO of NAVER Corporation, at the MOU signing ceremony ©

British Council

Naver, Korean search engine and digital portal, equivalent to Google, has signed a memorandum of understanding with us and provided a range of digital outlets for UK/Korea 2017–18 Creative Futures to offer the Korean public easier access to the content on UK arts, culture and education throughout the cultural year.

Naver has provided a layer of digital outlets called ‘Naver TV’, ‘Naver Music’ and an ‘automatic completion of key words’ service for the British Council in Korea to promote both events of UK/Korea 2017–18 and productions by UK arts companies and artists. It enabled Internet users to easily search British arts content and created more venues to display British content and articles.

The partnership with us has helped Naver to enhance their profile as an education and cultural content provider rather than merely a search engine and contributed to Korean Internet users' easy navigation to the British arts and education content through different and various channels and platforms. Our Naver TV channel has generated nearly 18,000 views as of March 2018.

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